Q & A with Rene Bremer, Key Account Manager Superyacht at AkzoNobel

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Following our recent announcement that this year’s Pinmar Golf will be the last, we spoke with René Bremer, Key Account Manager Superyacht at AkzoNobel, to get the thoughts of our leading Condor sponsor.

Pinmar: The announcement that this will be the last Pinmar Golf took the industry by surprise, what was your initial reaction to hearing the news?

René Bremer: Well my instant reaction came to me in three words; 'Unexpected; Brave; Entrepreneurial'…In that order!

The news caught me on the hop between meetings whilst traveling, so it was information I wasn’t expecting, however it’s a fantastically brave move changing such a successful formula at its height. All industry professionals have the Pinmar Golf marked in their agendas between MYS and FLIBS. The news also confirms Pinmar as industry pioneers, always driven to new markets, a new era and a fresh approach; so entrepreneurial by definition. This paints the picture for Pinmar’s company culture, pun intended.

Awlgrip [a leading AkzoNobel brand] has been one of the biggest sponsors of the Pinmar Golf for more than 25 years, this demonstrates the very close business relationship between Awlgrip and Pinmar. In business, along each path we walk, there are new horizons that must be explored. The end of the Golf-era does not change anything in our Awlgrip/Pinmar relationship; it makes it even stronger as we have the same objective: An informal event developing and strengthening market relations in a dynamic market.

P: In your opinion, what is the biggest achievement the Pinmar Golf has brought to the industry during its 31-year history?

RB: Well the '31 years' is enough testimony in itself. An entire generation has grown up during this time! 31 years of the Pinmar Golf confirms the need for an informal 'networking' event that also highlights charities close to our heart. As a wealthy industry, we have a responsibility to give back to the world, and these events give us an outlet to do so in large amounts.

P: How are you feeling about the end of an era, and what in particular are you looking forward to at this 'Grand Finale' edition of the Pinmar Golf?

RB: The 'Grand Finale' is well planned; Rafael Nadal’s wedding is being held at the same time on the island meaning there could be many potential Superyacht owners in attendance.

This Pinmar Golf will be a special one for sure; leaving the successful concept that will go down in history and opening the doors wide open to the future opportunities! You can be very proud of what Pinmar has achieved over the last 31 years.

P: Looking ahead to future events replacing the Pinmar Golf; what do you think are the key elements to success and what would Awlgrip be looking to achieve as a sponsor of these future Pinmar events?

RB: The new steps will, I am sure, aim to combine business partnerships with social responsibility in an attractive environment. We look forward to discussing the future opportunities with you!

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